Episode 2 – David Lavallee on the Oil Sands in Alberta

Alberta Oil Sands Image

Episode #2!  In this episode I speak to David Lavallee, who is an expert on the environmental impact of the mining of the oil sands in Alberta in Canada.  David has created a documentary on that topic called White Water, Black Gold.

You can also listen to it in iTunes.

In this episode we discuss a wide variety of topics related to the oil sands including…

  • The relationship between the oil mining in Alberta and the nearby rivers & glaciers
  • The effect that mining has on the water, and in turn on the surrounding environment
  • How bitumen is transformed into usable oil
  • The two types of mining that happen in that oil sands
  • How the mining affects people living downstream from the oil sands
  • How tailings ponds work & how they affect the environment
  • His new documentary that is coming out in early 2015
  • The economic vs energy viability of the oil sands production
  • How realistic it is to switch completely to renewable energy sources
  • How our political processes affect the types of energy we use
  • How many people are needed to effect change across society
  • The viability of wind & solar energy
  • How the economy may need to be restructured to allow it to survive into the future
  • What action people can take to help move the world towards a sustainable future
  • David’s new documentary coming out next year called “To The Ends Of The Earth”

And here are the resources mentioned in this episode: